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Industry Introduction

Business Overview

We offer the full spectrum of water supply services, from extraction to production to distribution to terminal customer service. The company’s current average daily water supply capacity is 1.65 million m3, including supply from a single plant with a daily water supply design scale of 1.38 million m3. The company is a Grade 4A water supply service unit rated by China Water Supply Service Alliance and has been awarded as the top socially responsible enterprise in China's water industry for 11 consecutive years.

Business Features

Overall Water Supply Industry Chain

The company’s Water Supply Division has created an overall water supply service industry chain covering water extraction, water production, water transmission, and terminal customer service, with multi-plant network capability for safe water supply and rapid emergency response, providing customers with one-stop water supply services.

Mature pipeline network, leading nationwide water loss control ability, dual-source loop water supply guarantee

The company has installed more than 6,500 km of various water pipelines and has established a microscopic model of the water supply network, simulating the impact of water outages and the impact of pipeline migration to enhance water supply emergency and operation management capabilities. This model is useful as a reference for urban water supply management planning and decision-making on large-scale water outages. By integrating a SCADA system with a pipeline network model, we further optimized leakage management, scheduling, and pipeline network management, resulting in a sustained decrease in water loss well below the industry average value.

We have increased our investment in the improvement of the pipeline network and the construction of the loop water supply pipeline network in the south and north area of Beijiang in Nanhai District, thereby ensuring dual-source loop water supply, satisfying the needs of regional economic development and water supply needs of users, and guaranteeing the safety of water supply.

High quality water supply and strong water quality testing capability

We are committed to supplying the public with drinkable water of the highest quality, as enshrined in the principle of "high-quality water supply," and have instituted a comprehensive system for monitoring and controlling water quality from its origins to its consumption.

The company’s Nanhai Monitoring Station, part of the Guangdong Urban Water Quality Monitoring Network, conducts tests on 213 drinking water testing items, which far exceeds the 97 items required by the National "Standards for Drinking Water Quality" (GB 5749-2022). The station is equipped with state-of-the-art testing instruments and equipment valued at more than RMB 30 million, including gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS), liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC-MS), inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry (ICP-MS), ion chromatography, flow injection instrument, gas chromatography, etc. The company’s water quality testing capacity ranks among the top in China, providing a strong guarantee for water quality safety.

Realize "Same Network, Same Price, Same Quality, Same Service" for Water Supply in Nanhai District, Foshan

Under the joint promotion of Nanhai District in Foshan and its subordinate town and street governments, Grandblue has successively acquired an equity stake in town-level water supply enterprises such as in Jiujiang, Dali, Lishui, Shishan, Luocun, Danzao, Xiqiao (including Yuquan), and Shatou. Based on the newly established water supply subsidiaries and with unified planning and management of each water supply body and water production plant, the company has basically realized the goal of "Same Network, Same Price, Same Quality, and Same Service" for water supply in Nanhai District, resulting in a higher quality of water supply and a more secure water supply, thereby making an important contribution to the economic development of Nanhai District.

Modern Large-scale Water Plant for Safe Water Supply

Nanhai No.2 Water Treatment Plant affiliated to Grandblue is currently the largest water treatment plant in operation in Guangdong Province and has been certified as Grade A (the highest level) in the "Quantitative Management Rating of Centralized Water Supply." The plant’s total designed capacity is 1.38 million m3/d and serves a population of over 2 million people.

The plant adopts the domestically advanced water purification process of folded plate reaction, advection sedimentation, and homogeneous media filter, and has built emergency disposal facilities such as water quality warning system, activated carbon dosing system, and multi-functional emergency dosing system. It is reserved for long term deep treatment processes, and the indicators of the ex-factory water quality are superior to the latest national sanitary standards for drinking water (GB5749-2006) all year round.