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Strategic Objectives

Guiding Ideology
Scale Priority: Expand market scale, lay down competitive advantages, and steadily rank in the first tier of solid waste treatment industry
Capital Priority: Stable cash flow to prevent risk and achieve healthy growth
Serve 100 Cities Within 10 Years and Strive to Be the Most Trusted Eco-Environmental Service Company

Strategic Path

Solid waste

Face the whole nation, tightly grasp the window for high-quality domestic waste incineration power generation projects to expand the scale of domestic waste incineration power generation, and at the same time, accelerate the expansion of environmental sanitation business with light asset operation. Strengthen industrial hazardous waste and organic solid waste treatment businesses, consistently promote the longitudinal and horizontal integration of the Great Solid Waste Strategy and create the "Grandblue Model 2.0" in line with the "Waste-free City" requirements.

Energy and Water
Based in Nanhai District, Foshan and gradually shift to light asset operation.