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Industry Introduction

Business Overview

We have a plant-network integration industry chain covering wastewater collection network maintenance and wastewater treatment plant operation and management. We have successfully promoted the expansion of several wastewater treatment plants, and are actively focusing on the business of regional stormwater pipeline network and decentralized wastewater treatment facilities, drainage (sewage) household management, etc. We are constantly enhancing the intelligence and information-based operation of wastewater treatment plants and pipeline networks, and have achieved preliminary results in establishing a comprehensive "plant, network, and source" industry chain. The company’s drainage business covers all towns and streets in Nanhai and our franchises include about 20 household wastewater treatment projects and 1 industrial wastewater treatment project that are operated under the BOT, TOT, and entrusted operation models, with a total treatment scale of about 800,000 m3/day. The municipal drainage pipeline network under the company’s operation and management exceeds 1,800 km and includes 158 wastewater pumping stations (including integrated wastewater pumping stations).

Business Features

Overall Sewage Treatment Service Industry Chain

The company has established an overall sewage treatment service industry chain covering sewage network maintenance, pumping station management, sewage treatment plants operation, and comprehensive water environment management. It covers all mature sewage treatment applications in China, and has achieved Class A emission standards. The maximum daily treatment capacity of a single plant is up to 270,000 cubic meters.

Centralized Control Operation Management Model

We centrally manage and control all wastewater plants, draining pipeline networks, and pumping stations through our intelligent platform for wastewater treatment and smart platform for the wastewater pipeline network. This has ensured coordinated and optimized allocation of resources, which had reduced operating costs while at the same time, enabled unattended operation of wastewater treatment plants and pumping stations.

Plant-Network Integrated Operation

We provide professional pipeline network operation and maintenance services and ensure stable inlet water quality for wastewater treatment plants through close communication and collaboration between the two sides of the plant and network. This has improved the effect of wastewater treatment and provided a basis for the environmental supervision and planning of the drainage pipeline network for local government, thereby enabling harmless treatment at the end of the wastewater treatment process. The sludge generated from treating wastewater is incorporated into the company’s solid waste treatment process, achieving harmless treatment.