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Solid Waste Treatment

Grandblue has developed benchmarking capabilities for waste-free city construction and provides comprehensive services for the overall solid waste treatment industry chain.


Grandblue’s business scope covers city gas and new energy. The company’s current operations include city natural gas, LNG trading, bottled LPG, hydrogen energy, and thermal energy, and is actively engaged in exploring photovoltaic power generation and distributed energy solutions, fully guaranteeing the supply of green and low-carbon energy to the city and promoting regional industrial upgrade and high-quality economic development.

Water Supply

The company is also committed to creating an overall water supply service industry chain, promoting the intelligent upgrade of basic water supply business, strengthening the renovation of village pipeline networks, and improving the water supply security system of dual water source ring pipeline networks.


The company has an integrated industry chain for sewage collection network maintenance and sewage treatment plant operation and management. It has efficiently promoted the expansion of several sewage treatment plants and actively focuses on the regional stormwater network and decentralized sewage treatment facilities, drainage (sewage) user management, etc.